Mill City Men has moved!

We LOVE tumblr, but the time has come for a more robust site, which we have created! Perhaps we will be back with an even better Tumblr blog soon, but in the meantime please follow us and the men of the Twin Cities at our facebook page or go to www.millcitymen.com

We think you’ll really love the new format. There are feature pages! And a blog! And a better viewing experience! We hope to continue bringing the modern guy’s life in the Twin Cities to your screen.

Thanks for reading! 


MAX | spotted at the Walker Art Center

KOJO | spotted at the Walker Art Center

HAL | spotted at Spyglass Brand Marketing 

TYSON | spotted at MartinPatrick3 in North Loop

JEFF | spotted Downtown on Hennepin Avenue

NICK | spotted at MartinPatrick3

IAN | spotted at Union Restaurant

DANE | spotted at Minnehaha Falls

ROSS | spotted at Minnehaha Falls 

EVAN | spotted at Minnehaha Falls

CHRIS | spotted at West End 

PETER | spotted at Minnehaha Falls

ROY | spotted at Minnehaha Falls 

Happy Holidays from Mill City Men!

We are going on a bit of a vacation, but we will be back in the New Year the week of January 6th. Thank you to everyone for their support this year and we hope you enjoy the Holiday Season :)